Release Checklist

This is a template checklist. It can be copied to the GitHub issue for each release.

Data updates

  • Export annotated CM and SEED files

  • Update PDB mapping

  • Run view processes

  • Run clan competition

  • Run

  • Update family_ncbi

  • Update the family table (number_of_species and num_full fields)

  • Update the version table

  • Update RNAcentral descriptions

Update FTP archive

  • Create .release FTP directory

  • database_files

  • fasta_files

  • genome_browser_hub

  • rfam2go



  • README including Section 5

  • Rfam.clanin


  • Rfam.full_region.gz

  • Rfam.pdb.gz

  • Rfam.seed.gz

  • Rfam.seed_tree.gz

  • Rfam.tar.gz

  • .tsv release stats file

Pre Announce

  • Update EBI text search on wwwdev

  • Update the website

  • Add release graphic

  • Update pages with new data (e.g. microRNA or viral project pages)

  • Merge new code into rfam-website master

  • Update the REL MySQL database

  • Stop Apache in OY

  • Update the OY web production MySQL database

  • Update rfamweb_local.conf (fields ebi_search and connect_info) in OY

  • Deploy new website code in OY

  • Start Apache in OY

  • Verify OY VMs directly

  • Repeat for PG

  • Move.release FTP directory to release

  • Update CURRENT FTP symlink

  • Update Public MySQL database using Sequel Ace

  • Load new data into a new database called rfam_xx_x

  • Rename the Rfam database to rfam_xx_y

  • Rename the rfam_xx_x database to Rfam

  • Delete old databases to save space on PUB

  • Update EBI cmscan search - check that it automatically picks up the new covariance models from the production FTP location

  • Update RNAcentral sequence search

  • Update config to latest db


  • Publish blog post with the Rfam tag

  • Post on Twitter

Post Announce

  • Close GitHub release project

  • Review GitHub issues

  • Backup old text search files - tar.gz folder in search_dumps

  • Update EBI text search in production

  • Make sure production website uses production search index

  • Update Rfam models in R2DT

  • Update Rfam taxonomy and create a new GitHub release

  • Create a release checklist for the next release

  • update config files

    • rfam-production/config/